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Xposed Selfie Museum, LLC was created to reach others who may or may not suffer from mental health conditions in an effort to decrease the National Suicide rate. LaQuita's goal is to create a safe space for people of all backgrounds where they would be able to create memories that could one day remind them of their reason(s) to LIVE!

LaQuita has made it a priority to spread the importance of mental health and wellness while breaking the stigmas within the Black community.

Meet LaQuita

LaQuita is a Maryland Native, born and raised in Prince George's County. She is a Mom of two amazing boys and a licensed Real Estate Agent.

LaQuita was diagnosed with postpartum depression for the second time after having her youngest son in 2021. Unfortunately, not being able to interact with friends/family during her pregnancy and afterwards due to the Covid-19 pandemic had intensified her depression this time around.

She struggled with ways to get motivated to do basic tasks. She found that reminiscing on the hundreds of selfies, pictures and videos stored in her phone encouraged her to push forward to take control over her postpartum depression. 

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